WHO TURNED THE HEATER OFF? Where is Vasili Arkhipov, when the world needs him?

WHO TURNED THE HEATER OFF? Where is Vasili Arkhipov, when the world needs him? WARNING: The links are to source material and I am not claiming the information as my own, only my opinions are my own. The links are just a starting point for tiny facts to set you on your own journey to your own opinions. I welcome all criticisms, constructive debate and alternate points of view here, thank you!

While the Eastern United States has been experiencing freezing temperatures, the entire US is seeing temperatures plummet in Eastern European relations. Our borders are now extend to our computers, cell phones and any other device that can be accessed via WIFI/internet dependent, as has been evident in the past few years with the hacks of chain stores, movie studios and the Veterans Administration.

From 1945-1991 the United States and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR were in a silent conflict known as THE COLD WAR, beginning with the Atom bomb drop on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Mystery and intrigue absorbed our intelligence agencies and the name of the game was the Spy Game. Double Agents and sleeper agents were whispering in the back alleys all over the world, in time of no cell phones, micro cameras, SD cards and laptops. Intelligence were for the most part, carried out in people’s minds, papers in a brief case and verified through third party sources. Elaborate spider webs of spy networks were set up all over the world, just so one country could spy on the other and supposed allies were spying on each other too. The world teetered on the brink of nuclear war and we were in complex geopolitical and economic battle with our largely unseen enemy. We fought in the silent world of secrets and waging wars by proxy in Afghanistan and Vietnam, never actually engaging each other outright in the light of day. The height of The Cold War was the Cuban Missile Crisis, when an ordinary man spoke up and saved the world.

With the failure of The Bay of Pigs, a black eye on the US Government, the Cuban Missile Crisis was born. The US woke up in May of 1962 to find 42 nuclear missiles park right off the coast of the US on the Island nation of Cuba. Secretly Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev entered into an agreement with Cuban President, Fidel Castro, in response to the US having missiles in Italy and Turkey, only a 16 min flight to Moscow. By the fall of 1962 the US had sent a U-2 aircraft over Cuba to take pictures of the rumored missile sites and on October 15, 1962 President Kennedy had seen the photos, confirming strike capable missiles located in Cuba and the whole US began a 13-day panic, known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

At this point you might be asking who Vasili Arkhipov is and how could one man, not in the position of world power, save the world. Well Vasili was born to a poor family in Moscow in 1926 (Post WWI and Pre WWII era). Vasili saw action in a Mine Sweep at the tail end of WWII and went onto Caspian Higher Naval School, where after graduation he began his career in submarines, the primary vessel of deterrence in Cold War.

By October of 1962 Vasili was 2nd in Command of B-59 one of four attack submarines, with orders to Cuba, carrying 22 torpedoes, one of which was nuclear (think Hiroshima). Orders had been issued to the Captain that he may fire his nuclear torpedo at his own digression, with the backing of the political officer on board. The submarines were out of communication with Moscow and gliding blindly into a US submarine blockade, with orders to fire warning shots at any unidentified sub in their area, by dropping depth charges on them. No Communication and the US Blockade became a recipe for world disaster for B-59 and its crew.

Well, to make a long story short, Vasili was the one holding Veto power of firing the nuclear missile and when B-59 sailed into the blockade, the US began dropping depth charges on them, leading the captain to believe they were at war and he wanted to strike back. Vasili advised the captain that they had not received orders from Moscow for some time and such a drastic action was not warranted. Many legends exist about what happened on the bridge, but the sure truth of all of it, was that one man, to the detriment of his reputation, won the argument and adverted a nuclear war between the US and Russia.

Vasili was a hero to very few in his country but his legend lives on today. Growing up in school, these subjects are glossed over in common core schools and students are never openly encouraged by the establishment, to go out and seek knowledge on their own and to form their own opinion. No, research papers don’t count unless the student is allowed to choose their own topic, not from approved topics lists. (ie. choosing the Topic of Genocide, in a Cultural Studies Class, it applies and if the student can bring it around and justify why it applies, then it should be allowed [My Presentation in College]). Critical thinking, though said to be a focus, has been abolished from our Common Core Robotic Factories, in favor of standardized testing scores and standardized knowledge.

Anyone who has been in high education beyond high school knows that this doesn’t work, children don’t all learn the same or think the same. This loss of individual thinking and true critical thinking skills is why I fear our citizens have not woken up to the fact that the Cold War is steadily being revived. Slowly, one by one the blocks of the iron curtain are rising again and there is no voice to say this on the national front, just as the former COLD WAR was a silent one, we begin again. We are not teaching our children to think for themselves, instead we are spoon feeding them the party line from an early age and the news media outlets are playing to the lines as well, everyone is silent, not connecting dots.

I know my criticism of common core is solely based on my own personal experience with my own learning experience, military education institutions and college classes in late adulthood and I have not sited a website or pointed you in another direction because this is my opinion and I want you look into yourself. There is a large debate going on in multiple states about common core’s place in the world today and even if you don’t have children this debate affects you. When you have to sit for hours on end in a class while a teacher has to reteach a subject that should have been gotten in Freshman Year of high school you will see the validity of this debate. We are falling behind other countries in education because we are clinging to a broken antiquated system that needs to be revamped for our rapidly changing world. Creative teaching methods are being stifled to the detriment of society and in the era of Frosting Foreign Relations, creative solutions are being called for, but not taught to our future leaders of America! Instead we have a leaders complaining when foreign leaders don’t give us good options for our own Foreign Policy dealing with a certain nation. (LINK JUST FOR QUOTE, NOT FOR MY OPINION. I TOOK THE FACTS FROM IT ONLY.)

I do revert back to my George Washington’s Hacking blog and believe that we need to be shoring up our infrastructure, not letting to the Government take over the internet as they have made moves to do. While Washington was in favor of a strong central government, he didn’t mean the over reaching monster that we have today. His idea of “strong centralized government” would be a bi-partisan government, acting in defense for the entire country, not the special interest groups and lobbyist with the deepest pockets. Washington saw the birth of the two party system we have today and I believe he would cringe at what it has become.

The Government taking steps to begin to regulate the antiquated internet that we enjoy when it is not buffering, today is just the start of seizing more power of a system they can’t even control in their own HOUSE. THEY can’t even protect themselves from being hacked, so what are they are going to do when the entire nation comes under attack. Look at every electronic device that you depend on in your life to do your job, drive, ride or fly home safely with and then think about them going out, rocking up back to the stone ages. As long as we cling to an education system that doesn’t teach our citizen’s to think for themselves and not to share a brain cell with what passes for NEWS these days, we will head down the same path as many other socialist cultures, through out history. One must ponder the question, “Is it the  TAX Payer’s job to for GOVERNMENT WELFARE programs, that have no checks and balances?” I submit the recent exposure, by THE WASHINGTON POST, of 6.5 million Social Security numbers still being active passed the age 112, while there are only, as of April 2015 52 certified individuals over the age of 110 in the world, by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), as one instance of unregulated fraud. In the 2010 US Census numbers listing only 53,364 over 100 in the US.

I submit, We, as an entire nation, are standing by as our country continues to grow stagnant. We have lost a whole generations to war and now we have politicians that have stayed at the government trough too long and many that have come too soon, with not enough life lesson to teach them right from wrong, or they have never served their country to know what true sacrifice means. There are many other reasons why our country is deteriorating, these were only a few select observations for you to ponder. The time is now, wake-up and draw from our past mistakes before we are in another crisis and Vasili Arkhipov is not there to be the voice of reason in our ears.


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