What would George Washington do if he were hacked?

Well my first response would be to go to humor on that one, but it probably wouldn’t be far off the mark in some respects. I would say he would sail across the Delaware and kick their keisters all the way up and down the Eastern Sea Board and back across the ocean that they came (not to imply that Hackers are only on the Eastern Coast, referring to state of the country’s territory of the time). But in truth that would be a complicated answer because we have become a complicated people and he was a Military man first, Public Servant second.

Washington was raised by a single mother with five children. Mary Washington lost her husband at 35, when our Future First President was only eleven years old. Her influence led to the man that would cross the Delaware, leading from the Front, instead of the rear with the gear. Though he was not a fan of the party system that has been corroded to stagnation today, he was a realist and saw the rise of the “party system” before the new car smell of the constitution was gone from the paper and realized that we need a strong central government to govern the virgin nation.

Washington was a military leader and he would find, terrorist attacks and hacking scandals as Treasonous Acts and his duty as the Commander and Chief of the United States of America would be to Defend his people, their Constitution, The PEOPLE’s Rights, Liberties and Lives. Let me just say that the master mind of 9/11 would not have lasted beyond the time it took to gather a line of sharp shooters for a firing squad because defending the rights of “foreign Enemies on American soil was NOT his DUTY! Choosing American lives and the safety of the US Borders and Her territories would have been at the forefront of every decision that  George Washington made and that would be evident in his actions.

Today we are so wrapped up in what is right and what is wrong, while looking through a world lense, that we have lost sight of the safety of America. When our country was founded on the principal of No Taxation Without Representation and we rebelled against an empire for that right. Each Man, Women and Child that fought for our country for that right knew what they were doing and did it for a new nation. The preamble to the Constitution begins with the words “We the People of the United States” and it is the strongest statement that would be uttered to begin one of the strongest documents in human history. The framers capitalized People, meaning that the People are larger than a sum of SINGLE numbers, they are the owner of this document and they do not stand as individuals, alone, they stand as one, a collective. These People, the collective, joined together in United States, territories that joined together to declare they were free and United in the principals that are spelled out in this document.

The Constitution was not written out as quickly as a Blog would be today. There was for thought of what was to come from our rebellion and the strife that would arise from that outcome. The Framers actually took the time to say that the it was the a government of the People, not a King that would rule this nation. One man was not greater than the voices of the many, the UNITED States. Our founding fathers knew what it was to have power rest in the hands of too few and ensured, through the Constitution that no ONE man, including the President could hold too much power. For example, the president has the authority to negotiate treaties with other nations, however will not go into effect until ratified by a two-thirds vote of the SENATE, once again giving the PEOPLE a voice, through their elected officials.

Like anything human, the Constitution has its flaws and as the first president, George Washington knew it. Fresh from a King’s rule, the Constitution focused on State’s Rule, Congress, and Senate powers, but not much was said of the President’s power in this new government. Washington was keenly aware of that fact and acted with measured caution and forethought of action he took in his new role as Commander and Chief of the Army/Navy and Militia, as well as the Leader of a New Nation. He knew that the a strong Central government was needed to keep this nation moving forward, but I doubt that he would recognize the one that has evolved from his first 8 years of struggle to define the powers of the Executive Branch.

Washington was not an isolationist, but he did struggle to keep the US’s noses out of things that were not in America’s best interests. Washington saw our country not as an Attack Dog of the United nations, as we have become, but as a fresh start for something new, to my mind as many thought of Rome in ancient times. Washington’s United States, was one of worry, that the states would act only on their State’s interests and not for the good of the Country as a UNITED effort and he told Benjamin Harrison in early 1784, that this could be the ruining factor.

As a leader, Washington walked softly and carried a very large stick, putting safety of America above all else. In 1794 when Pennsylvania was in open revolt against a Whiskey Tax, first domestic tax enacted to help reduce the national debt incurred by the Revolutionary War , President Washington road at the head of troops to demonstrate his determination to enforce the laws he was sworn to executed. While he was careful to exercise his duties as a Strong, fair leader, he was not afraid of setting positive and RIGHT presidency of his new office. This action quelled what appeared to be an armed insurrection and showed that the PEOPLE’s government could enforce its laws.

Force was not his go to act to squash the rebellion, he did use emissaries and back channels to try to settle this before an Militia Order was given.

The tax was not Washington’s legacy of this time, it had only served as a catalyst of the formation of political parties and raised more questions about the Constitution’s meaning about sovereignty, freedom of assembly and further hazy or silent areas of the Constitution, but instead Washington’s legacy was the defining of Executive Powers that given to the President of the US. Washington embodied the term “Public Servant”, as he was always mindful of his duty to the PEOPLE and his actions would be seen by his future citizens.

So you see, Washington would have started at the Delaware, with the hackers and seen those acts as Treason and a threat to the Security of America, his United States and continued across the country cleaning out his CABINET. George Washington was a very complicated man and this was a complicated answer that couldn’t be truly answered in only 1200 words. George Washington would be the first one to tell you that our Freedom was not and will never be FREE. The Blood of the Few for the Good of the Country.

The next question to be asked is are your thoughts being given to you by the Steering Media Machine, or do you have your own mind in these things?


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